About Us

About Us

Aegle Gear is healthcare apparel built to perform and protect. Using innovative antimicrobial technology, our products have been tested to reduce micro-organisms (on our garments treated with protx2) by 99.99% through 100 washes, while repelling fluids and maintaining a focus on fit and comfort. Our athletic designs for men and women, coupled with antimicrobial agents, offer an unmatched apparel experience in today’s accountable healthcare industry.

Aegle (pronounced aye-glah) is the Greek mythological goddess symbolizing radiant health and beauty, and is a compelling symbol for the role healthcare professionals play in society. Our commitment to these individuals is in gratitude of their enduring strength, knowledge, and purpose.

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A Paradox

For years, the founders of Aegle Gear helped develop and sell gear for athletes. As exciting as that had been, building similar gear for caregivers seemed to serve a higher purpose. “While athletes race to win medals, caregivers race to save lives”.

Courtney Lewis

Courtney is a registered nurse and has 18 years of health care experience including direct patient care, sales/marketing, and management of inpatient and outpatient medical practices. Courtney began her clinical career as an oncology nurse. Most recently, she was the Chief Operating Officer for a hospitalist management company. Courtney currently serves as Chief of Operations for Aegle Gear.

George Brown

George Brown is the Founder and creator of Aegle Gear. George’s diverse career has ranged from ownership and operation of athletic retail businesses to most recently, his role as President of a healthcare technology company. While developing Aegle Gear, George focuses on its purpose of meaningful innovation.

Dr. Keith Helton

Dr. Keith Helton is a practicing specialist in internal medicine and pediatrics. He is the current Chief Executive Officer of One to One Health. He has extensive experience with all areas of primary care, managed care, hospital administration, and he operated dedicated employee clinics for 20 years. Dr. Helton is a Partner at Aegle Gear

Uli Becker

Uli Becker is Co-Founder of Aegle Gear. Uli is a business executive and investor that supports new businesses that challenge conventions. He also brings 25 years of sporting goods experience to the table. Having worked for adidas, he served in many executive roles including CMO for adidas, as well CEO and President of Reebok, to name a few.

Dr. Jay Sizemore
Medical Director & Specialist, Infectious Disease
Gayle Robbins
Product Designer
Walter Oh
Strategist & Partner

Aegle Gear is proudly headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee; a city with an entrepreneurial spirit and love for the outdoors.