The End of Scrubs

Aegle Gear, a healthcare apparel company, is out to change the mindset of healthcare institutions and healthcare workers when choosing their uniforms. Long-time friends and colleagues, George Brown and Uli Becker (former CEO of Reebok) met 25 years ago while working for sports apparel giant, Adidas. Now as co-founders of Aegle Gear, they are raising the bar to meet the demands of the modern healthcare worker. Drawing upon their experience of designing gear to help athletes perform in a myriad of environments while maintaining comfort and style, the duo is now focusing on healthcare, hoping to outfit those that care for others with gear that matters.

“The years we spent designing gear to help athletes compete at a higher level have served us well when it comes to resourcing professionals who are on call to save lives,” said Brown.

When looking at the current products available to the healthcare worker often called “scrubs” Brown knew he could do better, recognizing “Current offerings in many cases are no better than bed sheets sewn into pajamas. For an industry that focuses on excellence and quality, uniforms have become an afterthought.”

Aegle Gear believes that form follows function, and first set out to build a durable antimicrobial fabric designed to withstand the daily rigors of the healthcare worker. The rip-stop, stretch fabric is treated with a hypoallergenic antimicrobial agent. The proprietary fabric includes a fluid repellent barrier that is built to be comfortable and easy to maintain. The design is ergonomic, offering many of the functions found in your favorite exercise apparel.

Aegle Gear products are available through their E-commerce website,, while the company also sells directly to healthcare institutions. Erlanger Health System Chief Nursing Officer Jan Keys, stated, “We are excited to provide uniforms for our neo-Natal ICU nurses and our Neuro ICU nurses where we ultimately expect the best experience for our patients.”

Aegle Gear is located in Chattanooga, TN. For questions or interviews please drop us an e-mail,