Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

We have been getting so many fantastic questions and feedback that we wanted to set aside some time to answer your questions. We scoured through the comments people have been leaving on Facebook and we pulled out the top 5 to take some time and answer them.

We hope that you enjoy!


Why are Aegle Gear scrubs more expensive than traditional scrubs?

Many people have expressed a lot of interest in Aegle Gear scrubs but have shared that the price is a concern for them. We understand this concern and want to be transparent about our pricing.

In this video George explains why Aegle Gear is more expensive than traditional scrubs but why we know that once you wear them you will feel the difference.


If the scrubs repel fluid then how do you wash them?

Simple answer is– just like you would wash any of your other clothes, it’s that easy. Just be sure to follow the care instructions on the label.

In this video George explains a bit about how easy it is to wash our gear.


How fluid and stain resistant is Aegle Gear?

Many of you have already seen the videos showing that Aegle Gear is fluid-repellant, but many people have asked us how stain resistant it is. Well, with true infomercial style, in this video we put it to the test with a bottle of red wine.


How will Aegle Gear hold up against dog hair?

Ok, this one was our favorite, and a bit of a surprise to many of us. We have had a lot of questions about how well Aegle Gear would work for animal caregivers or veterinarians? Many people asked, “We get that it’s water resistant but what about dog hair?”

We weren’t expecting this one and didn’t have dog hair just lying around our office, but the pet groomers next door did.


How breathable are Aegle Gear scrubs?

Another common question that we have gotten is about how breathable our products are. Because of the water repellent finish of our garments that has been a concern that our scrubs would lack breathability.

In this video, George demonstrates how even though Aegle Gear scrubs are fluid-resistant that doesn’t mean they aren’t breathable.